• Ford Explorer Lease Deals

    Ford Explorer Lease Deals It is a good starting point to think of leasing a Ford Explorer as being somewhat like a rental arrangement. There are differences, and potentially a number of different areas of cost management to be considered. However, with a bit of research and diligence leasing a Ford can be a really […]

  • What is a Lincoln Red Carpet Lease for Individuals?

    A Red Carpet Lease agreement is a program offered by Ford to individual customers, who qualify, who are able to lease a Lincoln in their own right. Many people think of car leasing orĀ  auto leasing as relating to commercial or fleet vehicles, whereas in fact there has been a big shift by Ford and […]

  • Can you Customize a Red Carpet Lease Vehicle?

    Customising a red carpet lease vehicle is a big no-no. There are so many reasons for this it is hard to know where to begin. Leasing a vehicle from Ford is similar in many ways to a long-term rental. You do not actually open the vehicle or the title to it, you simply have to […]