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  • 5 Ways To Get Best Ford Lease Deals

    Ford Credit offers finance to customers looking to lease a Ford car or truck through special Ford Lease deals. It is important to be aware of credit requirements, lease end costs, benefits of leasing and how financing a lease works . Many customers like the idea of being able to get  a good deal on […]

  • How To Get Best Deals on Car Loans, Even With Credit Problems

    United Auto Credit  are one of the leading and most well-established nonprime or sub-prime lenders in the car market. Based in California with a mailing address in Fort Worth Texas, but available to dealerships and customers throughout the United States. Their website stresses that they have a number of programs specifically tailored to people who […]

  • Auto Credit Express – How To Get Best Car Loans

    Auto Credit Express is a company that caters to what it terms special credit needs. This really means it is a company that specialises in sub-prime loans for cars and trucks for people who have bad credit or a poor credit history. They are based in Michigan and operate a distinct business model. They invite  […]

  • Express Credit Auto – How To Get Best Car Loans

    People often get confused, unsurprisingly, between various companies that use the name Auto Credit or Auto Credit Express etc. Express Credit Auto is an independent dealership based in Oklahoma, which does not seem to specialise particularly in bad credit, although it does say on its website that it can cater to anyone with any type […]

  • Premier Auto Credit – How To Get Best Car Loans

    Premier Auto Credit is a fairly major player in the bad credit/sub-prime lending market, although it appears from the website that their lending and dealership network is confined to California. There is a lots of detail on their website about how caring and thoughtful towards customers, and a number of testimonials supporting that. Helpful though […]

  • 5 Ways To Get Best Loan Deals With American Credit Acceptance

    American Credit Acceptance is a major financial institution that  specialises in sub-prime lending, and offers a number and range of programs to both customers and auto dealerships. From a customer’s point of view, the company has partnerships with approximately 3500 dealers across the USA. This does allow them to offer a full range of different […]

  • Buy and Finance Used Cars Online – Avoid Dealerships | Carvana

    Whatever people may think about Carvana,  one thing is pretty certain, that it has a unique approach to selling cars and trucks. The main advantage from a consumer point of view is that the they do not have to deal with salesmen, and because Carvana do not negotiate on price, there is little of the […]

  • Roadloans – 5 Ways To Get Best Auto Loan Deals

    Roadloans are a major on-line sub-prime lender who specialise in securing auto loans for people who have or have had credit problems. They have a strong consumer friendly to people who have a record of bad or poor credit, both in terms of auto loans and refinancing car loans as well. Like a lot of […]

  • Can you Buy a New Ford on Credit

    Buying a new Ford on credit is certainly possible, but many people there will see the prospect of buying a new car as one that immediately loses them a certain amount of money, purely in terms of depreciation on the vehicle. It is commonly estimated that if you buy a new car of any make, […]

  • Can You Dispute A Credit Report

    People often talk about disputing a credit report, but in fact it is in everyone’s interests including the credit rating bureau that the credit report is completely and 100 cent accurate, as it is used as the basis for producing a credit score which ultimately determines individuals ability to loan money from Ford credit or […]