• Find a Ford Dealership in New Jersey

    Listed below are five of the main Ford dealerships in New Jersey. There are many more can be found either through a search on Google, or through the main Ford website. Ford Dealerships in New Jersey Yaldeman Ford 607 NJ State Highway 33 Trenton, NJ 08619 Sales: (800) 939-6659 Lawrenceville Ford 2920 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville, NJ […]

  • Find a Ford Dealership in Houston

    Finding a Ford dealer in the Houston area of Texas is relatively easy. What is more difficult is working out which one to go to, and where to start in terms of the different range of options available. Below are five main dealerships in the Houston area. There are many more, but these give a […]

  • Ford Dealership Locations and Services

    With over 3000 Ford dealerships in the United States alone, there is likely to be one very near where you live, and also very likely to be several that you would realistically be able to visit and choose from. The Internet has given consumers a huge advantage when it comes to buying or leasing a […]

  • How to Refinance Ford Credit Loan on Ford 2018 Escape

    The Ford 2018 Escape is one of their most powerful and popular SUV’s, and unsurprisingly comes at a cost. It is not surprisingly for, that many people look at the option of refinancing a Ford credit loan at some point or opportunity, either to reduce the monthly costs or to reduce the length of the […]

  • How to Get Best Ford Credit Finance Deals

    Ford Credit will offer a wide range of finance deals, and making sense of them can sometimes seem a bit difficult. Whilst the offers themselves are perfectly genuine, the range of different offers and discounts available can sometimes make it a bit tricky to work out exactly what the benefits are, and who is getting […]

  • How to Refinance Ford Credit Loan on Ford Explorer

    With the cost of a Ford Explorer rising to potentially US$50,000, the financing of it both at the outset of the purchase and its running costs during its lifetime of ownership become a significant financial commitment and investment. Many people when buying a car outright tend to get a bit lost in the mystique of […]

  • What is Ford Motor Credit Pre-Approval?

    Anyone looking for an auto loan, or looking to arrange credit when buying a car or truck, would do well to consider getting  pre-approval clearance from Ford motor credit or Ford credit. Ford credit is the credit arm of Ford motor company, and offers pre-approval to selected potential customers by way of sharing them for […]

  • How to get Credit on a Ford Fiesta

    Arranging credit on a Ford Fiesta, or arranging a car loan is is in theory a relatively straightforward practice, but with the slickness of number of caveats about the creditworthiness of the individual concerned, and how best to negotiate both finance and price when dealing with them both at the same time. It is a […]

  • What is Ford Pay?

    Ford pay is a general term normally used in two specific areas relating to Ford credit. One is the amount that is actually paid for the vehicle or car, and this can relate both to the sale price and also to the finance that is arranged on it. The other way this time is normally […]

  • How To Refinance With Ford Motor Credit

    Anyone who has arranged finance with Ford Motor Credit, or Ford Credit, may look at some point at wanting to refinance the deal. This can sometimes seem a bit daunting, often because people assume it is a similar process to arranging finance or buying or leasing the car or truck in the first place. In […]