• What is Ford Motor Credit Insurance

    Ford Motor credit insurance normally relates to two main areas of auto insurance. Firstly the area of auto insurance that is a normal part of owning and running any car or truck.  Depending upon where you live,  there will be a legal requirement to have some type of  liability insurance on the vehicle. This type […]

  • What Credit Score does Ford Motor Credit Use

    Anyone applying for Ford Motor Credit will have their  application assessed on the basis of what is then as a credit score. A credit score is essentially a number set on a scale between two other numbers that reflects the creditworthiness of the individual concerned. There are three main credit bureaus that analyse applications for […]

  • Pay off Ford Motor Credit Loan

    Anyone with a Ford motor credit loan will probably at some point question whether they are better off paying the loan of only, if they can afford to do so, or possibly refinance the loan on better terms and conditions and that further down the line. Paying off any loan early has potential  benefits and […]

  • How are Ford Motor Credit Interest Rates worked out

    Ford Motor credit interest rates are one component of the finance arrangement that will be put in place by Ford credit when arranging an auto loan for an individual to buy a Ford car or truck. Ford credit will use interest rates that they determine are applicable to any individual, based largely on the individual’s […]