• How to Get Best Lincoln Red Carpet Lease Deals

    Fords Red Carpet Lease program offers the opportunity for many people to get hold of a Lincoln, in a way at a price that they would not otherwise be able to afford to do. Leasing any car is something that should be considered carefully, and research as carefully as if you were buying the vehicle […]

  • What is a Lincoln Red Carpet Lease for Individuals?

    A Red Carpet Lease agreement is a program offered by Ford to individual customers, who qualify, who are able to lease a Lincoln in their own right. Many people think of car leasing orĀ  auto leasing as relating to commercial or fleet vehicles, whereas in fact there has been a big shift by Ford and […]

  • Is it worth getting a Red Carpet Lease on a Lincoln ?

    A Red Carpet Lease deal on a Lincoln can have a number of advantages, but should be taken in context of how an auto lease works, and the various cost components that make up any lease agreement with Ford credit. The attraction of a lease deal is normally that it allows an individual to effectively […]