• How to Get Ford Finance on a Ford Explorer

    With a Ford Explorer costing as much as $55,000, the need to both arrange finance and get the best possible finance deal both in terms of the final sale price of the car, as well as the best interest rate and credit arrangement, becomes true for virtually everyone. The cost of the Explorer is not […]

  • How to Get Best Ford Credit Finance Deals

    Ford Credit will offer a wide range of finance deals, and making sense of them can sometimes seem a bit difficult. Whilst the offers themselves are perfectly genuine, the range of different offers and discounts available can sometimes make it a bit tricky to work out exactly what the benefits are, and who is getting […]

  • What is a Ford Finance Interest Rate?

    Ford Finance is a type of auto lending loan that is commonly referred to as dealership financing,  whereby Ford offer auto loans to potential customers who qualify enabling them to buy their cars and trucks directly alongside arranging the finance at the same time. These are known as secured loans, because they are in effect […]

  • How do I get Ford 0 Financing?

    Ford 0 financing is one of many incentives that full operate as a way of inducing customers to buy or lease a new or used Ford vehicle. It may be used either as a national approach to sales or by selected local dealers. It may also be offered at certain times of the year such […]