• Can You Dispute A Credit Report

    People often talk about disputing a credit report, but in fact it is in everyone’s interests including the credit rating bureau that the credit report is completely and 100 cent accurate, as it is used as the basis for producing a credit score which ultimately determines individuals ability to loan money from Ford credit or […]

  • What is a Credit Bureau Report

    A credit bureau report is normally referred to as a credit report. There are three main credit bureaus in the United States and most countries broad, and they are used by Ford credit and most other finance institutions such as banks and credit unions to whom people turn when they want to obtain any type […]

  • What is a Credit Check

    A credit check is an assessment that will be undertaken initially by Ford Credit, and passed onto one of the three major credit rating bureaus, to assess whether or not a potential customer is deemed to be a good credit risk or not in terms of lending them the money to purchase a car or […]

  • What is a Free Credit Check?

    A free credit check normally refers to a free credit report. Depending upon where you live, there is normally a legal obligation on  the three main credit bureaus to provide a copy of an individual’s credit report free to them once a year. In addition, many of the bureaus will also offer the customers the […]

  • What is an Equifax Credit Report

    Equifax is one of the three main credit rating bureaus that are used to produce credit reports and credit scores on potential customers for Ford credit, as well as other banks, finance houses and credit unions. It is worth bearing in mind that there are three main credit agencies in the US and worldwide, and […]

  • Can You Get A Personal Loan To Buy A Car?

    Anyone buying a car is likely to use some type of personal loan, or a mix of cash and  credit. Personal loans can be what are known as either secured loans or unsecured loans, and when thinking of buying a car or a truck can be done directly with the manufacturers dealership, such as Ford, […]

  • What Are Problem Credit Car Loans?

    The idea of bad credit is something that can affect many people – knowing what it is and how to fix it can make a real difference when buying or leasing a car. Key to understanding what bad credit means is understanding the idea of a credit report, and how that credit report generates a […]

  • How Does a Credit Score Work ?

    A credit score is a rating system that is used to determine whether or not to lend you money, and if so on what terms and conditions. Some of the most common questions are : A credit score is the one real determinant that applies to most auto credit, whether it be a loan for […]