• Can You Get A Personal Loan To Buy A Car?

    Anyone buying a car is likely to use some type of personal loan, or a mix of cash and  credit. Personal loans can be what are known as either secured loans or unsecured loans, and when thinking of buying a car or a truck can be done directly with the manufacturers dealership, such as Ford, […]

  • What Are Problem Credit Car Loans?

    The idea of bad credit is something that can affect many people – knowing what it is and how to fix it can make a real difference when buying or leasing a car. Key to understanding what bad credit means is understanding the idea of a credit report, and how that credit report generates a […]

  • Refinancing a Car with Bad Credit

    Refinancing a car with bad credit can be as easy or as difficult as getting the original loan with bad credit. Perhaps the most important thing that needs to be said that anyone who has what is deemed bad credit is not to be lured into some of the more sales orientated offers, either by […]