Month: November 2017

  • Can I get Credit from Ford Car Dealerships?

    Getting credit from a Ford dealership will depend  very simply on the creditworthiness of the individual, and whether or not afford credit determines that they will then the individual money and if so on what terms and conditions. Getting credit finance to buy or lease a car is in theory quite a simple and straightforward […]

  • What is Ford Motor Credit

    Ford Motor credit is simply another name to refer to Ford credit, which is the dealership arranged financing arm of Ford motor company. Ford as a company will offer the option to potential customers of helping to arrange the finance for anyone wanting to buy a new or used vehicle through a Ford dealership, or […]

  • What is a Ford Credit Account Manager?

    People looking for a Ford credit account manager will inevitably be people who have taken some type of loan agreement, or lease arrangement with Ford Credit, normally through a Ford dealership. This may have been done prior to arranging credit in order to gain pre-approval through the Ford Credit website, or may have been done […]

  • What is Ford Finance?

    Ford Finance is more commonly referred to as Ford Credit relates simply to the credit arm of Ford who can offer finance to potential customers in order to help them buy or lease a new or used Ford car or truck. Ford finance will typically be offered either through the Ford credit website, or through […]

  • How do I Contact Ford Credit Customer Service?

    Ford Credit Customer Service will be an area of Ford that anyone who has bought or leased a vehicle may need to contact and deal with, normally once the sale or lease agreement has gone through. Often dealings with the customer service unit relate to problems regarding payment, although it can also relate to other […]

  • What is a Ford Motor Credit Payoff?

    People will often look to pay off a loan early, quite often referred to as a Ford Motor credit pay off, or at least look at some way of reducing the cost of their loan, or how much they paid for a lease agreement. Whilst this can often be a good way of saving money […]

  • How do I get Ford 0 Financing?

    Ford 0 financing is one of many incentives that full operate as a way of inducing customers to buy or lease a new or used Ford vehicle. It may be used either as a national approach to sales or by selected local dealers. It may also be offered at certain times of the year such […]

  • Dangers of Takata Airbags

    Nearly two-thirds of the U.S. vehicles containing defective air bag inflators made by Takata Corp. remain unrepaired as automakers have made varying degrees of progress addressing the largest auto recall in U.S. history. As of mid-September, 20 million vehicles containing defective Takata air bag inflators still haven’t been fixed, 64 percent of the 31.5 million […]

  • About

    Hi – This is a website looking at differtent options for auto credit and finance, with a special focus on how to help people with poor or bad credit. Please note I am a freelance writer, with no connection to any company mentioned herein. Thanks Peter Main

  • Which SUV ? Problems, Problems, Problems ……..

    Fifty grand only buys you the most basic Discovery Sport, though. It’s listing at $46,222, including freight and destination but not including taxes. So there’s no room for any of those extras that most people opt for, such as heated seats, keyless entry and a third row. Just as long as Eric knows before he […]